Software License Compliance

About Accordo

We help software publishers maintain end user satisfaction by optimizing their compliance programs to resolve licensing gaps in the SMB segment at scale.

Contact Accordo today to learn how to successfully and cost-effectively scale your SMB compliance program internationally.

Global software publishers have long recognized that compliance gaps in small and medium businesses (SMB) negatively impact the company’s bottom line.  They also realize it’s challenging to address this business problem cost effectively while maintaining customer satisfaction.

As a result, many companies with compliance programs focus on enterprise customers to the exclusion of the SMB opportunity.  Executives are increasingly seeking solutions to this revenue leakage and Accordo is uniquely qualified to help.

What we offer

License compliance programs typically need to address a number of business scenarios and they must reach customers of varying sizes and licensing needs. 

Accordo has a portfolio of product offerings tailored to meet your requirements and the flexibility to customize any of them so you can convert opportunities into business results with a strong return on investment.

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This service employs a consultative approach to resolve license gaps and encourages Software Asset Management (SAM) adoption with existing SMB customers of any seat count size.

Here Accordo delivers a lighter SAM engagement to resolve licensing gaps while encouraging program and product upsell.  It is effective with both existing customers and as a way to acquire new SMB customers.

This is a formal, legal process to cost-effectively resolve licensing gaps with customers who are existing license agreement holders with fewer than 70 seats.

Why software publishers choose Accordo

Global SMB satisfaction

Enlightened customers are happy customers

“We wanted to thank you for your invaluable knowledge, dedication, and resourcefulness when it came to getting our questions answered.If we do get selected again, we hope we can work with you.”
This feedback is one of many compliments our consultants get from end user customers around the world who go through the Accordo process with our licensing experts.To be effective at delivering global SMB satisfaction it’s critical to have centralized control, a consistent approach, and to understand SMB licensing needs and challenges.

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License Compliance
Software Asset Management

Zero financial risk

Pay only when you see results

We see that across the software industry everyone must do more with less.Resources are diminishing in the face of rising expectations, and that puts pressure on how resources are prioritized and allocated. Accordo’s pay for performance model removes the financial risk for new and sustaining compliance programs.

We understand that program investments must prove themselves early, often and consistently, and they must produce returns that are superior to an alternative option.  This is true when a program is simply under consideration, and it is especially true for investments that have already been made.

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Instantaneous campaign

Make opportunities work for you

Often customers need to take immediate action on an urgent or emerging business opportunity.We are able to help you integrate new messaging, offers, customer profiles or other requirements into a campaign mid-stream, and not miss a beat, due in large part to the way we’ve built our Tele engines.

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corporate compliance program
Software asset management

Access to real time data
and reports anytime, anywhere

Communicate with confidence

Accordo is 100% accountable to deliver results and our customers need line of sight to campaign performance so they can effectively communicate within their organizations and accurately set expectations.Our campaign dashboards are available at the click of a button so you can get the information you need exactly when you need it.

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