Our Technology

ipifny, AccordoCRM and AccordoIQ – innovative technology solutions that enable customers to successfully manage their software assets and grow their business leveraging big data analytics and data science.


ExtranetCRM and workflow management interface to be used by software publishers, distributors, resellers, and Accordo to connect findings via accordoIQ and ipifny


Customer lifecycle management portal that provides on-demand visibility into the software environment and provides recommendations for cost optimization and risk mitigation


Data science and machine learning module which enables big data analytics to inform actionable insights using proprietary propensity indexes to predict purchasing behaviors

Our People

Product and licensing specialists, technology advisors, data scientists and sales professionals – we have designed our organization to attract, retain, develop and inspire top talent across the globe to enable an exceptional customer experience.

Anytime Support

Our network of specialists and subject matter experts on hand to assist with inquiries


Scales globally to address the full market opportunity cost effectively

Tailored Solutions

Our services are dynamic and can be tailored to suit our client’s requirements

Our Approach

With years of experience in process engineering, our strategic process and design capabilities unlock efficiency gains and enable high value outcomes for our clients.  Our investments in rigorous methodologies help us identify opportunities quickly to deliver customer success.

Keep Building

First mover advantage in the market segment has enabled us to keep building on a solid base

Design Thinking

A human centered approach to innovation and service and the willingness to engage in the task of continuously redesigning the solutions

Thought Leadership

Trusted advisors and sources who inspire with innovative ideas, make them successful and show how to replicate  success

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