Why Accordo is the world leader in SAM services

Accordo reaches the best target audience aligned with our customers’ business objectives.

Often, we execute through a turnkey approach to achieve the following:

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Core Services

Our Service Delivery Team scales engagement activities to reach your SMB market, communicating in multiple languages and offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Tele-consultants and analysts utilize workflow automation through our proprietary customer relationship technology called “accordoCRM.”

Software Asset Management (SAM)
Lifecycle Solutions

For SMBs to get the best ROI from their software, SAM services are necessary. Our remote customer engagements help SMBs across the lifecycle of all their software deployments and acquisitions, and the Business Intelligence from those engagements contribute to insights maintained in our proprietary data-science engine called “accordoIQ.” Accordo creates value indexes from which we establish targeting insights, allowing us to determine product focus, timing, and audience for each of your campaigns.

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