Accordo is the world leader in providing software asset management (SAM) services for small to medium business (SMB) customers of global software publishers. Our solutions are delivered on behalf of these publishers using our dedicated Service Delivery Team who use our proprietary, innovative technology to deliver incremental and new revenue streams. Accordo stands apart from others because we use predictive analytics to achieve the publisher’s business objectives such as licensing revenue recovery, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and penetration of new cloud solutions.

As a trusted advisor, Accordo helps publishers in three ways. First, we provide them with key insights about their customers’ software licensing environment and organizational profile. Second, we apply our experience in predictive modeling to engage SMBs when they are most likely to take the desired action. And lastly, our Service Delivery Team offers licensing expertise in many languages. Altogether, Accordo scales globally to address the full market opportunity cost-effectively.

SAM Lifecycle Solutions

We combine data-science, business intelligence, and predictive analytics to help you reach the right customers at the right time.

Service Delivery Team

We manage the unmanaged customers in your SMB segment worldwide.

Accordo has a portfolio of product offerings tailored to meet your requirements and the flexibility to customize any of them so you can convert opportunities into business results with a strong return on investment.

Software publishers choose Accordo to:

Achieve Business Objectives

Accordo partners with you to achieve business objectives such as revenue recovery at scale, up-sell/cross-sell opportunities, licensing compliance, cloud services conversion, and remote management of an unmanaged client segment.


Analyze Data & Predict

Accordo leverages proprietary algorithms optimized for software publisher data to analyze and predict SMB customer behaviors regarding software assets.



Accordo invests in developing significant intellectual property.


Find & Target

Accordo helps you identify the highest yield from targeted business engagements by customer, product, and time of year using predictive analytics.



Accordo’s Services Delivery Team remotely engages with your SMB customer base around the world cost effectively.


Strengthen SMB Customer Relationships

Accordo helps you strengthen SMB customer relationships by becoming an extension of your team, acting as trusted providers of SAM services.


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