About Accordo

Accordo is a global leader in technology lifecycle management and cloud optimization. By combining deep cloud expertise with data science and proprietary technology, we help businesses harness the cloud opportunity by providing actionable insights to increase productivity and deliver profitable outcomes. Guided by 20 years of experience in over 40 countries worldwide, a culture of continuous learning and commitment to innovation, Accordo delivers solutions to enable your business success.

Key Accordo Facts


Customer Success per year

1 Millionth

Serviced customer in 2018


In revenue generation for our clients per year

World Leaders

In software asset management technology

Accordo Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

Leadership Team

Eric Martorano

Chief Executive Officer

Tony Sparks

Chief Product Officer

George Woodward

Chief Financial Officer

Myles Henaghan

Chief Technology Officer

Eric Roach

Sr. Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Len DiCostanzo

Sr. Vice President, Business Development

Wendy Sefcik

Head of Global Client Services

Yann Teboul

Head of Global Service Operations

Vince Fong

Chief of Staff

Board of Directors

Eric Martorano


Vicky McCullough


Wayne Jackson


George Bell


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