History of Accordo

Established in 1999 Accordo began working locally with software publishers in New Zealand. The company rapidly expanded regionally and then globally as the original, proprietary approach to SMB compliance and revenue recovery delivered unprecedented success.

Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, and with a U.S. subsidiary, the company has team members deployed around the world, totaling more than 250 employees, and has served more than 40 countries.

Today, Accordo is regarded as a global leader in providing software asset management (SAM) services for SMBs. We are recognized for our customer-centric, data-driven approach.


Vicky McCullough

Director and Acting Chief Executive Officer

Vicky McCullough founded Accordo in partnership with Wayne Jackson and serves on the Board of Directors.  Vicky is a leading authority on IT asset management, software acquisition and volume licensing.

Launching Accordo in New Zealand and growing it into a global company is a result of her hard working, ethical and driven leadership.  Vicky has been instrumental in driving global growth, and is now extending her leadership contributions to the International Standards Association – WG21, for ITAM and SAM as a member of the board.

Wayne Jackson


Wayne Jackson founded Accordo in partnership with Vicky McCullough. He serves on the Board of Directors and is President of Accordo Group USA. Wayne is regarded as a visionary expert in workflow automation and is the inventor, designer and developer of the proprietary system used by Accordo around the world.

Wayne focuses on issues related to technology innovation and the impact on software licensing and distribution, as well as value-add opportunities and solutions resulting from global license compliance scenarios.

With more than 30 years in the IT industry, Wayne’s experience encompasses leadership roles in management, sales, business analysis, data modelling and software development, and he has influenced local, regional and global business outcomes. Wayne is a published author having written numerous articles for IT publications over the years.

Corinne Madden

Quality, Risk & Assurance Manager

Corinne Madden leads Accordo’s quality, risk and assurance team and is responsible for continuous improvement and efficiency throughout the organization.  Reporting directly to the CEO, Corinne connects internal team functions with external business requirements at the intersection of operations and the customer experience.

Her work on the development of SaaS tools and processes has had global impact and resulted in strategic growth for the company.

Corinne received the IBM Management Award in recognition for outstanding efforts to the organization.  A business mentor for the Enterprise New Zealand Trust Young Enterprise Scheme, Corinne provided guidance to large teams of students each year.

George Woodward

Chief Financial Officer

George Woodward serves as Accordo’s Chief Financial Officer.  George works with the senior leadership team and the Board of Directors, providing global commercial insights through revenue, profitability and resource analysis, and business planning and business excellence through controls, compliance, budgeting and forecasting activities.

George brings extensive global, financial and commercial experience to Accordo through his time spent at PwC and other online, retail, service and financial services sector organizations.  George has a law degree from the University of Birmingham (UK) and is a Chartered Accountant with the Chartered Institute of Accountants in England and Wales.

Heather Wong

Global Account Director

Heather Wong leads Accordo’s Global Account team and is responsible for global enterprise relationship and account management.  Heather built the company’s sales organization as Accordo expanded worldwide, and she understands how to manage the requirements of global software publishers and their regional subsidiaries.

Recognized early in her career as a leading expert on Microsoft licensing, Heather has expanded her software licensing expertise to encompass strategic growth opportunities for the company.

Prior to joining Accordo Heather spent two decades in the IT industry as a high performing sales executive, enjoying success predominately in Public Sector where she was recognized and honored for her contributions.

Richard Fuli

Service Delivery Manager

Richard Fuli is Accordo’s Service Delivery Manager.  He leads the operational arm of the business.  Reporting to the CEO, Richard has been instrumental in reorganizing the operations organization to develop system and process maturity and scalability across the business.

Richard brings vast experience in operations management, business redesign and optimization, and contact center best practices.  He brings 20 years’ experience within the technology industry, including key leadership roles in iconic telecommunications companies running their call centers.

Sherri Erickson

VP Sales and Marketing

Sherri Erickson serves as Accordo’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing and leads the company’s U.S. business operations.  Sherri is recognized for leadership in strategic marketing and she leads the development of Accordo’s marketing organization and new business pipeline in the U.S. market.

With deep subject matter expertise on anti-piracy, she has a global perspective of business opportunities provided through the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR), licensing programs, and the issues resulting from IPR and compliance gaps, including security, privacy and economic impacts.

As the first employee in the company’s new U.S. subsidiary, Sherri draws on her 30-years of experience leading sales and marketing efforts for various industries to lead Accordo’s introduction in the world’s largest market.

Sherri joined Accordo following nearly 15 years at Microsoft where she was recognized with numerous awards including the president’s “Be What’s Next” award for thought leadership in IPR and a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Anti-Piracy Leadership Award.

Tony Sparks

Chief Product Officer

Tony Sparks serves as Accordo’s Chief Product Officer and leads the company’s global efforts to deliver innovative world-class products and services to Accordo customers.  Tony previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer of Accordo and he draws on his 25-years of experience in the fields of software, technology and telecommunications to lead the evolution of Accordo’s offerings.

Prior to joining Accordo, Tony held executive positions in South Africa and the Middle East, driving change and building teams to support profitable growth in start-ups and rapidly growing companies.  He brings with him extensive experience in business development, operations, R&D, software engineering, project delivery and management, as well as product knowledge that spans managed services, data centers, software development and hosting, telecommunications and computer services.

Tony received a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering (graduating with honors) from the University of Natal, in Durban South Africa.  He also did a number of years post graduate studies and lectured Illumination Engineering at the same university.

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