Accordo Cloud Optimizer for Office 365

Your Office 365 SaaS management platform

Accelerate your Office 365 client opportunity beyond licensing

Save time, drive revenue and improve engagement success with single view insights and opportunities across your client base.

  • Get dynamic visibility across all clients and their Office 365 users and plans to highlight opportunities at-a-glance.
  • Proactively manage your clients' Office 365 licensing, usage and consumption.
  • Expose key client opportunities such as reallocating unused Office 365 spend across other cloud services.
  • Identify the right clients to focus your selling efforts on to build cloud revenue streams.

Partner Dashboard

  • Office 365 plan summary
  • Spend and opportunity overview
  • Top Office 365 users
  • Company storage
  • Departmental spend
  • One drive top users

Customer Management

Dynamic visibility across all customers, users and plans in one interface.

Actionable Insights

Targeted recommendations on true costs and storage optimization.

Accelerate Growth
Quickly expand your cloud practice with value-added services customers need for cloud management.

Deliver cloud services at scale
Unify and consistently manage all of your customers through a single pane of glass.

Simplify cloud cost management
Leverage automation to simplify operations and better serve your clients.
Strengthen Engagement
Leverage real-time visibility, automated alerts and actionable insights to create customer success.

Deliver immediate value
Use predictive analytics, automation and targeted recommendations to mitigate risk and optimize spend.

Earn trust
Deliver measurable results and peace of find as a trusted advisor.
Identify opportunities to sell value-added services, increase profitability and create demand with custom sales and marketing assets.

Create new revenue streams
With attached product sales, training and consulting opportunities.

Modernize sales and marketing
Access custom marketing assets to communicate value, create demand and generate revenue.


AccordoINSIGHTS is a technology enablement platform that provides cloud providers and partners with the visibility and tools customers need to overcome cloud complexity, mitigate risk and optimize costs.

  • Designed to enlighten, assess and close with a partner
  • No intrusion into customers’ infrastructure
  • Rich dashboards, self-assessment tooling (Cyberthreat and GDPR), real time cloud optimization monitoring, and custom insights presented through interactive dialogues
  • ROI calculators that allow the customer to build an actionable modernization plan to guide the way to a partner supported cloud transformation


Accordo’s data engine delivers intelligent insights, such as best revenue opportunities, based on customer data and our proprietary data science.

With 20 years of experience working with big data, including Sales, Operations, CRM and customer experience, Accordo delivers a world class data science and machine learning capability.

  • Guided by a team of dedicated data resources, including Data and ETL Engineers, Data Analysts, Reporting Analysts, Data Scientists and Machine Learning Specialists
  • Can be trained on seasonally adjusted propensity indexes for all of your customer engagement needs
  • Indexes can be refreshed frequently to ensure agility and accuracy throughout any engagement
  • Continues to re-calculate indexes throughout engagements, which allows agility in engagement, including switching the approach or triggering a disengage once threshold revenue yields have been achieved