Cloud Management and Optimization

Fueled by demand for security, flexibility and cost advantages, Gartner predicts that the worldwide public cloud market will grow to over $221 billion in 2019 and exceed $266 billion by 2021.

The fact is, despite the appeal of cost savings, businesses lack the expertise to keep pace with increased complexity that can undermine the business case for cloud migration. With more than $14B in wasted spend predicted this year, businesses are investing more than ever in managed cloud services to run their cloud more efficiently.

Accordo’s Cloud Optimizer was designed to help partners respond to customer demand for cloud management and optimization, create value and uncover new revenue opportunities.
  • Bring financial insight to customers
  • Track customer cloud costs and usage
  • Optimize spend and reduce waste
  • Take action on insights

Now available for Office 365, try it today with our Free trial through December 31.

Accelerate Growth
Quickly expand your cloud practice with value-added services customers need for cloud management.

Deliver cloud services at scale
Unify and consistently manage all of your customers through a single pane of glass.

Simplify cloud cost management
Leverage automation to simplify operations and better serve your clients.
Strengthen Engagement
Leverage real-time visibility, automated alerts and actionable insights to create customer success.

Deliver immediate value
Use predictive analytics, automation and targeted recommendations to mitigate risk and optimize spend.

Earn trust
Deliver measurable results and peace of mind as a trusted advisor.
Identify opportunities to sell value-added services, increase profitability and create demand with custom sales and marketing assets.

Create new revenue streams
Increase profitability with attached product sales, training and consulting opportunities.

Modernize sales and marketing
Access custom marketing assets to communicate value, create demand and generate revenue.

Technology Lifecycle Management

IT Departments and their environments are constantly evolving. Knowing where risks are and keeping current on those risks has never been more critical, and costly. When business processes are not flexible, they lose the ability to move with the market, technologies, and customers. The risks of an unmanaged technology lifecycle lock businesses out of opportunities and create unplanned costs.

Accordo empowers you with the insights and tools customers need to identify risk early, minimize disruption and align IT and business drivers to better manage the lifecycle of all resources.

Now you can Improve time to revenue with a unified platform for automating, streamlining and optimizing the complexity of customer lifecycle management.
  • Renewals
  • Strengthen Compliance – monitor real-time compliance and protect data privacy
  • Software Asset Management
  • Retention and Loyalty

Our Solutions Ecosystem

Intelligent engagement and accelerated account management at scale
  • Extranet CRM and workflow management interface
  • Used by Accordo Software Publishers, distributors, resellers
  • Manages activity between AccordoIQ and AccordoINSIGHTS


  • Online software asset management (SAM) customer portal
  • Enables lifecycle management of software assets
  • On-demand visibility of a customer's deployed and owned software assets
  • Analytical insights
  • Recommended for better spend, control, usage and risk management


  • Data science and machine learning module
  • Merges collected SMB deployment and transaction data with publisher and reseller data
  • Creates actionable analytics using proprietary "propensity indexes"
  • Accurate predictive purchasing behaviors